Routand Bidons


Fit in bike Cage

It’big 750 ml but fit bike cage or u can put in your backpack

Wide Mouth

More Easy to Refill

Special design cap

Special cap with valve in two different materials,
one soft for your mouth and one harder for better closure.
There is also the protection for the cap so you can keep clean the valve also if you put your waterbottle in a backpack full of everything.

Made with Tritan™

that looks like glass,
but it’s more durable and makes
waterbottles Unbreakables.

Tritan is a BPA freeĀ material


Not only are BPA-free water bottles better for the environment, BPA-free bottles are much better for your body.

100% MADE in ITALY

design production of every parts is made in our factory in Venegono Inferiore (Varese)